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Bordello Cookbook

Bordello Cookbook

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Jo Foxworth puts her amusing spin on these turn-of-the century boss ladies, a formidable stripe of CEO exploiting the area of business that was open to them at the time - the sex trade. The text is a delightful introduction to these unique female executives - the houses they ran, the girls they employed, the jobs they attracted and the many-splendored talents that won them wealth and stardom in their day.
The Bordello Cookbook explores the primrose paths leading up to their un-homelike houses - mostly mansions of unalloyed gaudery and glitz. It looks in on their adventures with custumers, press, politicians, ''do-gooders'' and police. Best of all, it serves up a brand new repertoire of recipes for food with a passion - recipes for today inspired by delicious indulgences of the past. All are handily in sync with current tastes, trends, and technology. Some of the menus and recipes in The Bordello Cookbook replicate what was served in those luxurious houses, where twenty-four hour gourmet kitchens were another major attraction. Most are Jeanne Bauer originals, inspired by the flash and flair of the madams and their show-off chefs. Some are simple, nostalgic dishes from places that were more exuberant than elegant. Others are festive offerings created for life's milestone occasions: holidays, birthdays, weddings, even funerals. After all, the ladies of the evening were touched by the milestones, too.

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