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Christopher Le Brun

Christopher Le Brun

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By his own definition, Le Brun himself is "the subject" of this monograph, which draws on his key works to date. A definitive account of the artist's achievements, it also presents us with a strong sense of work in progress from an artist who is still evolving. Le Brun, who cites influences as diverse as Mallarme, Delacroix and Guston, helped to set the pace for a fresh attack in painting from the early eighties onwards with his startling explorations of classical subject matter.
This is the first major survey of Le Brun's work and includes commissioned paintings, prints, sculpture, and drawings, together with documentary images of studio interiors and notebooks in facsimile. It combines the classic monograph with an artist's perspective to produce a new hybrid, and a unique insight into the creative process.

Taal                        Engels
Bindwijze              Hardcover
Aantal pagina's     320 pagina's
Auteur                   Bryan Robertson Charles Saumarez Smith

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